Focussing on people for the past 50 years


On 21 October 2023, GVM Care & Research is celebrating its first 50 years.

GVM's is an all-Italian story of commitment and success that has never lost its connection with its homeland. President Ettore Sansavini, a pragmatic entrepreneur with a forward-looking vision, has been able to achieve his dream: excellent healthcare for everyone and a one-of-a-kind hospital model in Italy.

Today, GVM Care & Research is an ecosystem of companies all around Italy and abroad focussing on health and well-being: from prevention to treatment, the production of medical devices and integrated health services.

5 countries, 11 regions, 50 healthcare facilities, 11,884 professionals including doctors, nurses, healthcare personnel and more. A healthcare company that has always been oriented to high-specialty care with a focus on the heart cycle. GVM Care & Research is a benchmark for heart surgery, neurosurgery, diabetic foot care, orthopaedics, oncology, general surgery, urology, bariatric and eye surgery.

The commitment to health unfolds in various sectors: biomedical, spa treatments, training, integrated health services and companies active in the search for advanced solutions, from telemedicine to genomic analyses.

Together, these different areas make up GVM Care & Research.

Ettore Sansavini, Presidente Gruppo Villa Maria
I was looking for medical excellence and a new hospital concept where the highest quality of care and high specialisation are integrated with the beauty and pleasantness of the facility.
Since 1973, a growing commitment to the well-being and health of all.
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