GVM Next Care works to develop new models and technologies for local care based on the integration of health, social and socio-medical services, meeting health demand and the specific needs of families through multidisciplinary teams.

The main areas of activity:
  • Public Home Assistance (ADI)
  • Private home care
  • Pre-hospitalisation and protected discharge assistance
  • Telemedicine

Activities are contracted through the SSN (Italian National Health Service) and/or Supplementary Health Funds, Health Insurance

GVM Next Care also provides training and professional development for medical professionals such as nurses, physiotherapists, unlicensed assistive personnel.

Many of the activities take place in cooperation with General Practitioners, patient associations, pharmacies.

Location: Via Girolamo Benzoni 45 - 00154 Roma

Operation centre:
  • ASL Roma 1: Via Filippo Bernardini, 10 - 00165  Roma > Charter of services
    Authorization to operate with GSA Determination n. G11066 dated 10/08/2023
    Phone contacts: 06.88793505 - Mob. 393 188 2361 (reperibilità)
  • ASL Roma 2: Via Giovanni Andrea Badoero, 67 - 00154  Roma >  Charter of services 
    Authorization to operate with Resolution no. G00820 dated 01/31/2019
    Phone contacts: 06.94446149 - Mob. 334 272 0243 (reperibilità)
  • ASL Roma 3: Via Laura Mantegazza, 75 - 00152  Roma > Charter of services
    Authorization to operate with GSA Determination n. G13102 dated 05/10/2023
    Phone contacts: 06.86204352 - Mob. 338 802 4121 (reperibilità)

Reporting and complaints: centraleoperativa@gvmnextcare.it

Certified Email: gvmnextcaresrl@legalmail.it

GVM Next Care is accredited for the Integrated Home Care activity at the ASL Roma 2 (Regional Council resolutions n. 887 of 24.11.2020 and n. 244 of 28.04.2022). ADI accreditations are underway at ASL Roma 1 and at ASL Roma 3. Health Director: Dr. Vincenzo Galassi

Polizza assicurativa come previsto dalla normativa vigente.
Compagnia: GENERALI ITALIA S.P.A. - Numero Polizza: 420612578  - Massimali: Responsabilità Civile Rischi Diversi e Sanità € 5.000.000,00

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Charter of services:
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