Situated in Turin, it is the Residential Care facility founded in 1874 by the Reverend Enrico Lotteri, recognised as moral authority in 1893 for having housed women and children in trouble in the capital city of Piedmont for a long period.

Since the ‘80s it has also accommodated self-sufficient, non self-sufficient or partially self-sufficient elderly people, who access it privately or under the agreement with the healthcare system starting from age 65.  

It has been part of GVM Care & Research since 2013 and, subject to assessment of guest needs, it can provide several types of care through dedicated, trained personnel: from personal to nursing, physical therapy, psychological and entertainment.

In its requalified spaces, the facility is also very attentive to offering its guests hotel style comfort. Opera Pia Lotteri has rooms for a total of 110 guests.

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