Forlì Airport (FRL), in Emilia Romagna, is dedicated to Luigi Ridolfi, who was an Italian aviator in the early 20th century. It is the closest airport to Bologna-Borgo Panigale and second among the airports in the region in terms of passenger traffic handled.

Together with the Francesco Baracca State Aeronautical Technical Institute, the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Bologna, the ENAV Academy and the Professione Volare Flight Training Centre, it forms the Forlì Technological Aeronautical Hub.

F.A. srl (Forlì Airport srl) is a wholly private capital company. It was awarded the airport management concession following a European tender and is the entity in charge, under the control and supervision of ENAC, of administering and managing the airport infrastructure, in accordance with the criteria of transparency and non-discrimination, and coordinating and controlling the activities of the various private operators at the airport.

The company organises airport activities and, in particular:
  • Assigning aircraft parking stands
  • Ensures the orderly movement of all airport vehicles and personnel on the aprons so as not to interfere with aircraft handling activities
  • It verifies that operators providing airport services are complying with the requirements of the Airport Regulations.
  • It draws up the Service Charter in accordance with the directives issued by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and ENAC and ensures compliance with the required quality levels of the services offered to users
  • Directly performs security checks on passengers, luggage and cargo, in accordance with the regulations in force, also handling lost property