Established in 2011, the limited liability consortium GVM Servizi | Divisione Sanificazione - has three areas of activity:

Cleaning Services Business Unit

Hygiene, cleanliness and order are essential in living and work environments. Indeed, we are willing and better able to carry out various activities in a pleasant environment. Cleanliness also maintains the value of the facilities, preserving their integrity over time.

For this reason, GVM Servizi has developed modern and qualified work methods to guarantee the highest degree of healthiness in the most diverse public and private contexts. In particular, GVM Servizi has gained specific expertise in the supply of services related to cleaning, disinfecting and hotel reorganisation within healthcare facilities, where the required hygiene level is very high. They thus developed distinctive know-how that can be effectively applied to less complex situations also.

Always attentive to quality and to the environment, the company works with modern instruments and state-of-the-art products, using experienced staff who are continuously brought up to date through training courses. In addition, GVM Servizi acts as a global service, offering several additional, integrated services to guarantee full support to the care of each environment.

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Information Services Business Unit

The Business Unit provides computer assistance and maintenance as well as developing programmes dedicated to the automation of hospital processes. 

In particular:
  • Hardware (Server and SAN) of the Data Centre on which the software and the centrally managed databases reside;
  • Active and passive equipment of the various LANs and of the WAN of the Group;
  • E-mail and Internet access;
  • Operating systems and basic software installed on the hardware of the Data Centre and on the work stations of the various company organisations;
  • Healthcare, administrative, accounting, logistics and data warehouse software installed at the Data Centre.

It also provides the following services:
  • Training on centrally managed and commonly used software;
  • Helpdesk for the solution of technical-application problems;
  • Assistance and/or support for the purchase of equipment, software and/or IT and telematic services.
Activities aimed at guaranteeing the constant evolution of the existing Information System are also promoted, including:
Feasibility studies on potential ideas/needs;
“In house” development of some software;
Identification, among various pieces of hardware equipment, of the one(s) most suitable for the specific need.

GVM Care & Research wished to centralise the information system of all its company organisations, entrusting their management to the independent Business Unit, in order to seize the opportunities offered by ICT technologies in terms of review of the organisational processes and of the information systems.

As a matter of fact, the Business Unit deals with the planning, management and control of the Group’s information system thanks to a group of technicians possessing the necessary technological and organisational skills linked to the knowledge of the business processes of healthcare facilities and other activities.

Business Organisation Services Business Unit

It was developed as business organisation support for the Group healthcare facilities, and it is dedicated to the administration and economic-legal assistance of companies. 

The gained and integrated know-how allows the companies to operate with managerial capabilities in line with the strategic policies outlined by the client companies.
  • Finance area
  • Administration area
  • Accounting
  • Personnel area
  • Communication and Marketing area
  • IT area