GVM Care & Research has always paid maximum attention to the continuous training of its internal workforce; to this purpose, it set up the GVM Training Project through which it also aims to facilitate the involvement and development of its entire staff.

Maria Cecilia Hospital and Villa Torri Hospital are hospitals of the Group as well as CME-accredited providers; but GVM Care & Research’s commitment goes well beyond the obligations of Continuing Medical Education (CME)

The GVM Training Project was consolidated in 2011, and coordinates:

  • Graduate Course in Nursing,
  • CME-accredited courses,
  • Refresher courses (Italian provider: Maria Cecilia Hospital; Regional provider: Villa Torri Hospital)
  • the use of Training Online Management (TOM) for all GVM Care&Research facilities through internal providers.
Both GVM Care&Research operators and external operators in the sector can find within the Group all the tools for fully qualified continuous training in healthcare that in step with the most up-to-date regulatory dictates in terms of CME and always up-to-date training paths.
The National Commission for Continuing Medical Education has recognised the following as CME Providers:
therefore qualified to carry out suitable CME training activities in several contexts, from prevention to marketing and to management, directly identifying and assigning credits to the training events, both residential (courses, conferences, classroom seminars) and in the field, and issuing the relative certificate to participants.
The accreditation of the two hospitals as Providers attests to their high level of competence as regards methodologies and techniques used in healthcare operator training, the scientific and deontological content and all connected aspects; it attests not only to the clinical excellence but also to the important function of point of reference for training and information in the sector.
As it is part of GVM Care & Research, with a network of facilities all over Italy, the GVM Training Service also makes it possible to develop and manage courses with maximum flexibility and geographic penetration capacity.
The GVM Training Service aims to facilitate the involvement of all personnel, with skills development and people development as key factors for success, even beyond the CME obligations; this will be accomplished through the interprofessional and intersectoral involvement of personnel, in order to develop a bond with the organisational system.
An agreement with the University of Bologna, in particular with the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, has been in place at Maria Cecilia Hospital since the 2007/08 academic year for the activation of a Didactic Training Centre for the Nursing course. Maria Cecilia Hospital is a Training Centre that, together with Ravenna and Forlì, makes up the Romagnolo Pole.
Besides the training provided in-house by GVM Care&Research, the medical, nursing and technical staff participate as presenters and moderators at prestigious international conferences in the sector. (Heart Failure, Intercept, AATS, AMSECT, SHVD&HVSA, ECMO EURO, ELSO, ASCVTS, SOI, EuroPCR, O.T.O.D.I., SICV, GIS, S.I.D.E.O.G., AO Spine, EFORT, AIO, SIA, AMCO, FECET, NICIS, ITACTA, SINCH, ISMICS, SFCTCV, ASE, International Spine Intervention Society Meeting, A.O.S.S.M., ESC, Trauma Meeting, SIM, EACTS, AIR, ISIAT, SIU, SIN, SIN RENI, SIAARTI, SIC, SIOT, AHA, MEDICA, SOI, AIS, SIC).
For more information visit the dedicated website gvmcampus.it