This is a central goal of GVM’s clinical research activity. It involves formal scientific collaboration with national and international research organisations and universities, temporary research networks on objectives deriving mainly from calls from institutional providers of public resources, medical-scientific societies or business customers aimed at clinical or pathophysiological studies.
The group is a reference point in the European Society of Cardiology’s networks, in which it participates with a series of registries.
Fields of research:
The various facilities participate autonomously or in group in sponsored clinical research programmes and they coordinate different spontaneous research projects. These goals are achieved through structured databases that make it possible to respond to various clinical queries that come up from time to time.
The Translational Research facility is also active and aims to resolve in the laboratory any questions or clinical problems and vice versa. To do so the group uses its SWITH experimental laboratory, as well as other university facilities with which it has an agreement.
There is also a basic experimental research field oriented mainly at regenerative medicine and at the damage caused by reperfusion injury after a period of ischemia.