Keir combines the activities of the two groups, GVM Care & Research and Molino Spadoni - national leader in the global flour market - and proposes a new line of food products; in 2012 they decided to dedicate themselves to the production of dietary food.
Health and Food: two key sectors of the Italian economy, joined to produce new and innovative products for a specific bracket of consumers with diseases characterised by chronicity, committed to following special diets (heart patients, overweight patients requiring surgical intervention, patients who must follow a controlled postoperative diet or clients who want to acquire or maintain a healthy lifestyle that can help prevent the most common diseases).
In this case, research and innovation are the bases of Keir product line, thanks to the support of important Italian universities, scientific partners that have put the best and most qualified expertise at the company’s disposal.
Keir offers baked foods, such as bread and pizza, in any case both sweet and savoury, distinguished by the presence of dietary supplements or synthetic molecules validated
for protective or preventive effects with regard to chronic – degenerative cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and metabolism disorders.
The food product line is achieved in a plant with innovative
industrial health content such as to guarantee the preservation of all the nutrients contained in each food processed.
The products will be processed into meals for immediate consumption and semi-finished products to be
regenerated for the completion of cooking as preferred by the final consumer.
The company operates with a distribution network dedicated to the hospital sector and guarantees presence at commercial food distribution sales outlets.
The main organic product lines concern dietary and gluten-free (for people with Celiac disease) products, gluten-free pasta and bakery products intended for large retailers, pharmacies and parapharmacies.